Cayman Brac – Slow paced, Friendly, Beautiful, Relaxing

November 15, 2015

Cayman Brac Beach Front Estate

My experience on Cayman Brac was nothing short of phenomenal!  This was to be my first “blue water” dive and I was beyond ecstatic about it.  I had been diving many times before but only in swimming pools to train and in Texas Lakes.  (Not exactly the pinnacle of visibility/clarity, and honestly not much to look at)  I had seen pictures of the amazingly vibrant sea life but wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

What I took-

Even though we flew commercially a great distance.  LBB-FLL-GCM-CYB I decided to take as much of my gear as possible to minimize my dive shop rental bill and I just so happen to like my gear!  The only items I would need to acquire would be my tanks and weights. This worked out quite well which I will explain later.  Taking my own BC, Personals, and Reg made a world of difference.  My dive shop bill for 15 dives was $180 which includes a fish ID card.  The tank rental was done on an “honor system” and you simply go pick up your tanks and write the tank number in their log book.  You could have up to 3 tanks at a time and they were already filled.  This system makes it so easy to get your fills with minimal hassle:  pretty much zero hassle.


Initial impression-

CYB is a small airport and it didn’t take long to get through customs and we were on our way.  Our host met us at the airport to greet and pick us up.  The estate we rented was stunningly beautiful and had everything we needed and more.  I noticed immediately the people of the island were friendly and very happy to extend the hand of hospitality to us.

The Estate!

This property as I mentioned is just beautiful!  It is waterfront and offers post card worthy views around every corner.  We were able to make shore entries right behind the house which sure made life easy.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so you be the judge!

Cayman Brac Estate




We did multiple dives, the first being a night dive.  After getting settled and unpacked the question was there… “Are we going diving or what?”  The answer… “Of course we are”.   The sun had set many hours ago but we were so excited to be there it just wouldn’t wait.  We got the scoop about where to dive and we loaded up the circa 1986 van with our gear and headed out.

We found a place that had a boat launch and was lit with a single street light which made for a good reference point for getting out.  We donned our gear and did our safety checks.  Let the fun begin!

We kicked out on the surface about 1/8 of a mile.  We were looking for a buoy which marked our dive site.  This was a bit of a task considering the darkness and only having one flash light.  It was a bit eerie at night but still so fun and adventurous.  It was to be my first blue water dive after many lake dives with terrible visibility.  The visibility in Cayman Brac is incredible!  It was 80-90′ easy, all day, every day!  We dropped down and began to explore this vast underwater world.  We saw huge lobsters, many squid, some sting rays and many MANY coral heads, sponges and sea fans.  We were challenged to find the dolphins and we did as seen below during the daytime.  I don’t believe I will ever forget that night.


Some Random Pictures-

The black and white pics were taken with the cheap drug store disposable cameras.  Certainly not the best but I was able to at least capture some of the beauty.  I have since upgraded to better photography equipment.  (Now I just need to go diving again)


I am sure I am missing a lot here but I hope you have enjoyed the journey

One day soon I hope to return to this hidden gem and experience the wonderful diving, scenery, and beautiful people all over again.  Until next time!  Cheers.


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