Hawaii’s unforgettable adventures

March 4, 2015

There’s something that happens to you when you visit Hawaii — and whether you’re young or old, it doesn’t soon wear off. Everything is grand in the Hawaiian islands; from the mammoth waves that kick up on the beaches to the staggering size of the mountain peaks. It’s a special experience that’s sure to excite you, overwhelm you, and perhaps even make you fall in love.


Perhaps the toughest part about traveling to Hawaii with kids is getting there. Even if you’re starting out on the west coast of the United States, the flight can be long — longer perhaps than you or the kids have experienced before. With a few new games or toys though, we made it through just fine, and there were no regrets about a long flight once we touched down in paradise.


The main attraction in Hawaii is of course the water. Check with your accommodations to see what types of “water toys” they provide; often you’ll have a boogie board, a surf board or even things like water wings, balls, sand buckets and floaties at your disposal where you’re staying, so there’s no need to lug those things around with you. If they don’t come free, they’ll often be readily available for rent or purchase.


If you have young children who might not be used to the intense sun that Hawaii can deliver, you’ll be wise to bring along a UV rated suit that offers more skin coverage than the typical swim suit. When I took my little one to Hawaii though, the Hawaiian mothers around me slathered sunscreen on my baby about every 20 minutes — while I got the intense burn I’d feared for her!


When you’re ready to venture beyond the beach, you’ll find plenty of activities for “keikis,” the Hawaiian word for kids — everything from sand boarding to water parks and amusement parks, horseback riding, zoos, aquariums and glass bottom boat tours.


You and the kids are going to have so much fun in Hawaii, you might never want to come back!


  • Nicole Vulcan is a writer and media producer who travels with world with her young daughter. She blogs about their adventures at Raising a Revolutionary.  (Read more of her works here)

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