Wendy Campbell

Wendy along with her husband Scott are the owners of Elite Travel. They founded Elite Travel in September 2013. Wendy has been a travel agent for 4 years. She currently travels with Scott and is able to take her business with her wherever she goes. Wendy is an “adrenaline junkie”. She loves to fly and has even started flying lessons. She loves to sky dive. She and Scott are both certified scuba divers and take to diving as often as they can. They have also fallen in love with sailing. It is their dream to live aboard a sailboat and sail off into the sunset.

Wendy’s specialties are groups, cruises and all-inclusive packages.

When Wendy isn’t planning fabulous vacations, you can find her doing any of the above as well as reading and spending time with her family and friends.


Jennifer Lloyd

Jennifer Lloyd became an agent with Elite Travel in November 2013. Jennifer considers herself more of a travel planner than an agent. She goes the extra mile in assisting you beyond the booking process.

She loves to travel! She enjoys EVERYTHING Disney, camping, cruising, and just being with family! Family is extremely important to her. Jennifer’s hobbies consist of reading, horses, and research! She is very involved with the local Church.

She specializes in Disney, Group Travel, Cruises, and All Inclusive Vacations. She understands that your time is important and assists you in creating wonderful vacations for your family.

Jennifer graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and is an expert in ALL things Disney. She has been to Disney more times than one could count and applies all that knowledge to the clients vacations.


Amy Greer

After spending 10+ years in the Real Estate industry, Amy’s passion for travel is what made her want to help others explore our amazing world. It is her belief that all families should make time to take a break from the stresses of life, spend time with one another reconnecting and building memories.

Amy grew up in the Lubbock area and takes pride in being a West Texan where service standards are high. Her mission is to make you feel valued as a client and to always provide an exceptional customer experience. She currently lives in Lubbock with her husband and teenage daughter.

Kelley Bio Pic

Kelley Bowden

Originally from Louisiana, I moved to Texas at the age of 18. I travel for a living with my wonderful boyfriend, Anthony, and our almost 1 year old playful puppy, Chief. I am a traveling-travel agent as I recently became apart of the Elite Travel team, but am enjoying everything I have learned and am eager to learn more! My family is my biggest support system, as well as Anthony! Together we enjoy movie nights in our RV that we live in full time, evening walks with Chief, as well as exploring and seeing all the different places his work takes us too!


The World Clock sculpture in Berlin, Germany

World Clock

Know what time it’ll be at your destination and keep track of the hours no matter where on earth you are.


A map of Europe with various weather icons.

Weather Forecasts

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever weather awaits you along your trip and at your destination.


A U.S. dollar and 3 other types of currency.

Currency Converter

Use this tool to easily carry out transactions and figure out how much your dollars are worth in foreign countries.


A thumb tack marking a location on a map.

Flight Tracker

Never miss a beat with live satellite data on flight routes and airports in over 45 countries around the world.


Stamps on a passport

Passport/Visa Info

Get all the process information you need to know as a U.S. citizen traveling abroad.


A list of travel advisories brought up on a mobile phone.

Travel Advisories

Stay up to date with the latest warnings and advice on which destinations are safe and which to be weary of.


A satellite projection of a hurricane in the Caribbean.

National Hurricane Center

Keep track of every developing storm to avoid running into one en route or at your destination.


A row of computers in an internet cafe.

Internet Cafes

Find the best spots to relax, have a drink, and find information no matter where you go.


A Customs Declaration form.

U.S. Customs & Embassies

Visit for info on U.S. Customs, and check out for info on U.S. Embassies.



A low sun hanging over a bay.

Embrace Your

We all dream of doing what we love for a living, but rarely do career opportunities come along that allow for that. Travel agents enjoy such a career, and the passion that they get to do for a living is traveling the world. The best travel agents can convey their love of far off destinations and make clients more excited about travel. And in a career that values world travel experience, someone who can’t stay put for long would be not only at home, but a valuable asset. So embrace your longing for adventure and turn it into a career.



Tell us about yourself.

Just provide your name, e-mail, resume, and a bit of info about yourself and we’ll consider you to become one of our next travel agents.

Upload Resume


What Are the Benefits?

A brightly colored drink cocktail sits on a ship railing overlooking the sea.

Travel Benefits

How would you like to be able to stay at hotels for heavily discounted rates, or even for free? Because hotels and other hospitality businesses want travel agents to recommend them to clients, these places often do whatever it takes to ensure that travel agents thoroughly enjoy their stay. The discounts are usually seasonal and require some flexibility, but they present travel agents with a chance to see the world much more easily than most people.


A woman relaxing on a chair on the beach looking out into the ocean.

FAM Trips

These are familiarization trips that are offered to top-selling travel agents by Governmental tourism boards, hotels, or airlines. These trips are offered to create a close relationship with and impress travel agents so that they’re excited to sell the destination. FAM trips are deeply discounted and in some instances completely free. They showcase the very best a destination has to offer, so they’re definitely motivation for agents to sell more and qualify for these trips.


Point-of-view of someone relaxing on a ship deck with legs outstretched and crossed.

Additional Benefits

  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own schedule
  • Work from home, your car, the lake house or a cabin in the woods. You can work from anywhere.
  • Make peoples travel dreams become travel realities. Trust us… it is a blast!
  • Travel is exciting, liberating, and educational.
  • You will travel more. You will plan others vacations & realize that you need to travel more. You will want to see all of the places that you research for your clients. Speaking of which, our next cruise is in August (hmmmm…I wonder if we can sneak another one in before then)
  • You control your financial destiny. The more you network and market yourself, the more client contact you have, the more you are able to earn.


We would love to talk to you about being a part of our team.
If the above interests you, please get in touch with us to learn more about this amazing field as your career.

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Be prepared for anything with our free exclusive vacation guide.

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Plan Your Next Trip With Us

Isn’t it time to escape reality? Whether you’re looking for a romantic couple’s getaway or the perfect trip for the whole family, Elite Travel strives to bring you the highest quality customer service as well as the best vacation package that’s right for you. Start planning your next big adventure here.



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New Site Takeoff!

We at Elite Travel have been hard at work on our new website, and we’re proud to finally clear it for takeoff. Our mission is to inspire a love of travel and find people their perfect travel experience, and we hope this site will help facilitate those passions. But it is still new, so there may be a few kinks here and there. If you run into any site issues, let us know through our contact form and we’ll fix it ASAP.


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Isn’t it time to

Elite Travel is committed to creating the best possible travel experience for each individual client.

A woman on a cruise ship’s deck looking out into the sunset over the open sea.  

A Passion for Travel

We understand what it’s like to have a passion for seeing the world, because we do to. Elite Travel is a travel agency for travel enthusiasts, by travel enthusiasts. We share your love of seeing new things and would like to help realize your dreams of discovering the world. And if you’re relatively new to traveling, we’ll help make it easy and ignite a passion for exploration in you, too.

As frequent travelers ourselves, we’ve put together a list of travel resources that make trips abroad much easier. Check them out as you begin to start planning your next trip.


A bride and groom's hands touching  

The Human Touch

Planning an itinerary shouldn’t be a stressful thing. At Elite Travel, we offer something no online booking site could ever give you—the human touch. Our agents work one-on-one directly with you to understand your unique situation and put together the best travel experience for you.

No trawling through the confusion and information overload of travel booking sites, no hidden fees or restrictions, and no faceless algorithm thinking it knows you based on your browsing history. At Elite Travel, we’ll work with you through options and help you pick the best one based on what you want. Simple as that.


Two bicycle riders silhouetted against the sun on a beach.  

Your Dream Awaits

When we say we’ll work with you through all your options, we mean every option. Elite Travel can help you realize the travel experience of your dreams, no matter what those dreams may be.

Whether you’re looking for an experience for the whole family or one just for you and your romantic partner; whether it’s excitement you’re looking for or a chance to finally relax; Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an extended cruise; we can find any of these vacations for you. Contact us to start discussing what sort of trip you’re interested in, and check out our Getaway Ideas for some more inspiration.


We want to hear from you. If you’re ready to discuss your next trip, just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll be ready to help you get started. Customer Service is priority one with us.

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