Relax and take it all in in the Caribbean

February 27, 2015


Traveling with a family gives you a pass on the need to “fit it all in.” With kids to keep fed and naps to attend to, everything is just at a slower pace — and that can definitely work to your advantage when you’re traveling in the Caribbean.


Wherever you’ve arrived from, one of the first things you’ll notice there is the slow pace of life. With the warm sun and the humid air, there’s nothing else to do besides make your way to your destination in slow gear. The weather and views are what you came for, and they’re everywhere — so there’s really no need to hurry around. Set yourself up with a comfortable and pleasant place for you and the family to stay, and then sit back and enjoy.


(If you’ve taken the wise step to have your flights, accommodations and tours booked  by a professional, you’ve given yourself even more room to chill out, relax and enjoy the experience.)


Of course, hanging around the pool or gazing out at the turquoise waters from a perch in an easy chair shouldn’t take up all of your vacation time; it’s still good to get out.


With the water such a clear, heavenly hue, snorkeling and diving are the highlights of a trip to the islands of the Caribbean. You may have snorkeled or dived in other parts of the world, but here it’s an even more magical experience because of the pristine waters and abundant sealife. In the U.S. Virgin Islands, escape the crowds in St. Thomas and take the kids over to the more tranquil national park setting on St. John. If you’re in the British Virgin Islands, hire a boat to take you to Brewer’s Bay on Tortola, or to the smaller islands including Norman or Salt Island.


When the kids get their first view of a bright starfish or a giant sea turtle, they’ll be clamoring to go snorkeling in the Caribbean every year.



  • Nicole Vulcan is a writer and media producer who travels the world with her young daughter. She blogs about their adventures at Raising a Revolutionary.  (Read more of her works here)

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